Friday, January 11, 2008

What is a Somaiyaite?

I Found this draft post today. I'd written it out six months ago. At The time, it felt unnecessarily vitriolic, and I shelved it. Coming across it again today, I conclude that getting vitriol out of my system is the whole point of this blog, and so I'm going to post it.

What is a Somaiyaite?

Simple question? in one sense, maybe...a person who goes to Somaiya College is a Somaiyaite...

But when you put it into must say it's quite inaccurate...I probably paint quite a dismal picture of my ex college and the people in it...there ARE good people there as well, no matter how hard it is to find them and no matter how few of them there may be...

But what a Somaiyaite really is, is a general term, a Metaphor, for 'Unthinking Conformer to Society'
...People who follow the crowd like their life depends on it, who stare at Logic full in the face and choose to ignore it completely...who think 'current affairs' begins and ends with some shitty actress's shitty life, and are scandalized at the slightest hint that others don't give a fuck because other people have lives of their own...

People who think only what others tell them to, resulting in shallow crap like-'Chicks dig the cell phones!', 'Wear them low rise jeans, everyone wants to see your ass-crack', 'Paint your Car Lemon Green, and slap some senseless decals on them'.

So you don't have to be from Somaiya to be a Somaiyaite. Most of us probably know a few who fit this description. I just know that It's been months since I've left the place, but I will always be an Unwilling Somaiyaite.

And Thats why I'm yet to change my Blog Title. Cause when I think about it, it still holds true.

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