Friday, April 17, 2009

Shout Out...

Well,haven't made a post since a long time. Or at least I haven't made a coherent post which actually has something to do with college or life in general since last year.

Lots of stuff has gone down since then. 12th over, IIT-JEE over, lined up for AIEEE and hoping to score in CET.

But the key thing to note here is that with the exception of going back to pick up my CET hall ticket, I probably never have to set foot in Somaiya anymore.

I'm no longer an Unwilling Somaiyaite. Which is of course suh-weet. But at the same time somewhat bitter. Bittersweet, if you will.

Make no mistake, that's not because I've suddenly fallen in love with that ol' dump. On the contrary, after running about for 3 days to finally submit my CET form, I'm hatin' it more than ever.

What I do miss though, are some of the people. Stuck in the same situation as me. Making it easier to deal with through humor. At least, sometimes.

I've switched many schools in my day, making me an educational nomad of sorts,
But it never gets any easier, leaving behind all the peeps that stuck with you. They always end up left behind. It's something you need to accept. No matter how many social networking sites you're on, no matter how many times you call them in a day, it's going to fade out eventually. Leaving them as one friend out of the thousand that you have on Facebook.

Which brings me back to the topic of the post. It's a Shout Out to all my buddies out there, who put up with me for the last two years.

At College, in no particular order- O.K. (a.k.a Dev D), Creative Influence, Who didn't flinch no matter how many F-bombs I ended up dropping. Akshay, who discovered that the most bearable part of college was the Ice Tea. Gautam- Fellow Anime Fan, Abhay, Ninad, The twins- Anta-Banta, Akhil and everyone in K.N.V.B. Shyam, who will probably be a Virgin. Bastard. fo' life. Nikhil J, stoned out bathroom singer and Lab Partner.

Appreciate you guys, hope we keep in touch...


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