Monday, December 3, 2007


If a Picture is worth a thousand words, this is one BIG ASS post...

Pic 1- An Ad for a Tour Bus service from Mumbai to Ahmedbad

Witness, the horrific massacre of the English language...though them giving you stuff at birth is a nice bonus. (Where;s my INDI-VISUAL SPEAKER dude???)

Pic 2- How do you make things better?? put it on a stick!!

Ever since the Ice-cream stick, it's turned into a cheesy fad...Corn Dogs (On a stick) some countries have 'Meat Sticks on a Stick'...Heck, even kebabs prove that everything is better when on a stick, but isn't a plate on a stick going too far???

It's actually a seat in The Somaiya Engineering College canteen, and this is one of the only ones still in shape and not warped by the fatasses who normally occupy the places...

And this one is on the back of an Auto

Svabhiman se Jiyo
Luchyagiri, chamchagiri, Dalali, Bhadwagiri
Chhod do...

which means

Live with honour
Quit being idle
Quit being a suck-up
Quit being a whore

Enough said...

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