Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Funny Lines from Funny Professors...

The following are conversations which occur in class sometimes, punctuated with silly pronunciations and an even sillier choice of words...


Student: Sir, we do we have that last resistor in the circuit?

Prof: It is to protect de(the) appliance or you can say that de electrical 'Camponent' (component)

Student: in?

Prof: Liike...when you eat the food you wash your hand na? Or I say Before you eat the food you wash, or we can say 'clean' your hands na? Isn't that to PROTECT YOUR STOMACH???

Student: XD


Prof: You should always be the prepare...anything can happen at...any moment!!Now you see, I will explain...once when I was in traveling on the buses, and one girl had one of the Rs. 100 or Rs. 50 Rupees bucks in her pocket...

More to come, when I get more time...

1 comment:

Dylan said...

Our Hindi professor pronounces Shakespeare as Sekspeare.. which we happily turn into Sex-spear and tease the poor guy..

"Sir, Sex-Spear ki kahani sunao na!"


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