Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sommebody gonna get-a-Fucked, Reeeal Bad...

I'm not going to state the obvious here. You know what I'm talking about. A bunch of brainwashed psychos in their quest for heavenly poontang went off and tried to take over the Taj and the Oberoi hotels. Everybody knows that. What else you obviously know, is that this post is a reasonably mindless rant made by a mentally unbalanced teenager, and you probably aren't expecting something too intelligent.

I'm not going to (for once) criticize the Law enforcement agencies for their action/inaction or whatever. It's just not my place.
If I was given the task to lay siege to the hotels, my strategy would involve crowds of people chanting 'Cocksucker, Motherfucker' through loudspeakers, repeatedly and with increasing intensity, to mess up the Terrorists enough for them to do something stupid...and then the Commandos could move in.

This obviously proves that I'm no strategist, who can comment on the techniques of the police. I have a new-found respect for the Navy Commandos too.

I'm pissed off at the news channels too. Between Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai, the victims, authorities and bystanders have been harrased with every tactless and/or mildly retarded question possible. Which, on the internet, may be called 'some fuckin annoying flamebait'. But hell, it's not exactly unexpected, is it? They just want some eyeballs on 'em...

I'm friggin fuck nuts annoyed at the stance of Politicians, either using this situation as a weapon (Modi, I'm lookin at you), or 'Strongly Condemning' the attacks, because they can't do any other goddamn thing about it. I don't think there are ay phrases more annoying to me than 'Strongly Condemn'. Fix the problem, and then excercise your mouth.

What I will state, and have been stating, though, is exclusively, my own opinion.

Somebody gonna get-a-Fucked...Reeeaal Bad.

Even the most placid, flatfooted, grass chomping stromboni, when pushed far enough, has it's survival insticts kick in. And we've been pushed pretty goddamn far. And if another of these situations go by with a pat on the head from a politician, and a one fingered salute to the 'Mumbai Spirit', people are just gonna go set fire to stuff, go crazy, crate Anarchy.

What the fuck is with that whole 'Mumbai Spirit' thing anyway? They say we bounce back after ecery calamity. Does that mean we should get thrown around even harder? Who asked you to measure our modulus of motherfucking elasticity?????

You know how I said there wasn't a more annoying phrase than 'Stongly Condemn'? Well I just found it.

If those terrorists get caught, by ordinary individuals instead of the police, They're gonna feel that Mumbai Spirit. A city of stressed out workers in a rat race with no means of a release, who get battered on a monthly basis by some tragedy or the other but pick themselves up and go to work, not because thy're brave or bold, but because they have to earn some money to live another day in this hole, and while they're at it, earn some more money to pay taxes which go towards ensuring that the roads, and sidewalks, and parks and buses and trains are NOT fixed or improved, while we suffocate in the poisonous air. They're gonna get some Mumbai Spirit, all right...right in the ass...

And to the Negligent Government of the State and Centre - We've grown up on pothole-filled roads to drive on, poison to breathe, Traffic, Floods, Bombs, Bullets, Gang Wars, Bent Cops, everything down to fucking Lightning strikes. That doesn't mean we want things to stay this way, you bitches...


zoram said...

I completely agree with u!!
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Samadrita said...

You have voiced a million people's thoughts in just a single post.


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