Thursday, December 4, 2008

In Flames...

There was a huge demonstration at Gateway last night, and a somewhat smaller one at Chembur on Sunday. My dad went for the first one, and everyone in Chembur and Ghatkopar, except me, it seems, came for the second.

It's not that I'm skeptical about demonstrations like these. I did the whole 'candle in the windowsill' thing myself, the second I got the sms. Forwarded it to other people too.

But in the end, there are two ways of looking at it.

One- It's a symbol of hope and solidarity for all those involved.

Two- It's a way for people to feel happy because they think they have done something to solve the issue. Mental Masturbation.

All I'm going to say is, nine bucks a candle, one at Gateway multiplied by..approximately a lakh people who came to the rally...

About 9 Lakh, could be invested to get some decent equipment for the police.
I'm just saying there are more constructive things to be done than burning candles.

Saw some pretty good slogans at the rallies...I thought the best one was-

"Someday, maybe, we might forgive.
But we will never forget."


sormita said...

hi neil,really a thought provoking post wid a dash of humor,i really likd ur way of writing dwn ur thoughts.M new to blogging,plz do visit my blog nd ve a luk at my post as well.

Trinaa said...

i shall neither forgive n nor shall i ever forget..enuf is enuf.

mayz said...!!!

no wayzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have forgiven enuff...this time those very candles u r talkin abt need to stuffed up their asses...while lit!!!

Himura Kenshin said...

What use is burning candles? neo-liberalism! we should do something constructive instead, like make the government responsible or their actions. (NOT DEMAND A CEO)


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