Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The End of an Era/Error

I booted up my PC and fired up Opera to check up on the Animax-sa Forums. It's something that I do from time to time, not with the alarming frequency that I used to visit, back when my boards had just ended. I check a few sections that I visit often, and I see an announcement from the friendly neighbourhood mod.

The Forum is being shut down and a new one is being set up in its place. Which means, all threads will be lost, all post counts will be reset. Which kinda shook me up.

Most people who visit this blog reasonably often, are people who will probably understand why it bothers me. It shouldn't, if viewed objectively...Internet Forums are usually cited as the one piece of irrefuteable proof that the Internet is making people stupid. The average Messageboard is a writhing mass of Trolls, Spambots, lolcats and a quest for the 'lulz'.

(if any of you didn't get that, congratulations on your normalcy, now go look it up on Urban Dictionary...)

Add to that the fact that I have my exams coming up, well...most would say there are more important things to worry about.

But strangely enough, when I joined back in 2006, the Forum was lightyears above average, in terms of intellectualism. It was a platform for anime fans such as myself to share opinions and views, and considering there was NOBODY else I knew (living nearby) who watched anime or read manga, it was a blessing.

Sure it's infuriatingly slow, and it's tailor made to sun on IE 5. Which kinda gives you an idea of how outdated the firmware was. But we didn't mind. It's not everyday when you find a place with 1000+ like minded members... (unless you're really into visiting porn sites...in which case, it IS everyday...)

Dylan, Shady, Wolf, Ace, HK, Kysh, Leon, Sin, Blackcat, Ithil, Vazha, Kyo...even Aubin...and DS...and so many other people...if it wasn't for the forum I wouldn't know them, probably...In fact, I probably wouldn't be able to write this blog...I wouldn't be active online that much either...

So it is with great nostalgia that I bid adieu to the old and ring in the new. At least I hope it's worth it.

Psst, Flug people, How about a reboot to the Out Of The Blue series? Hey, it worked for Batman...


Vendetta said...

The forum was probably one of the few places in the inter-web where you could actually learn something(language, mother nature, socio-economic problems, a little bit of trolling from the *other* forum and spamming from me, etc.). Of all the forums that could be put inside the closet, I can't believe it's Animax-sa :(

Well, on to the future and beyond.....

Dylan said...

Reboot of the flug..?

Dude, we're Kysh, Arrow, Wolf, Shady, Dylan and Ace..

We're NOT Chris Nolan, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Micheal Caine, Gary Oldman and Katie Holmes(!)..

Arr0w said...

Hmmm...by matrix equivalence, that means I'm Christian Bale...which is nice...though Ace might not fit the bill for Katie Holmes...

Maggie Gyllenhall, maybe...:P


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