Saturday, April 12, 2008

Where Movie Merchandising goes horribly wrong...

Thats when you find-

Pirates Of The Caribbean-Jack Sparrow Deodarant spray.-

I shit you not, this is something I saw at my neighborhood supermarket and laughed my head off at, Much to the surprise and shock of innocent bystanders, who were further puzzled when I tried to take a picture of it on my camera phone (Which came out blurred...darn, you'll have to make do by looking for it on google.). They probably thought I was a professional shoplifter adding things to my 'hit-list' or something.

But back to the point, this is an example of A Movie Tie-Up that makes no sense. Because Pirates were the kind of people who bathed rarely, and by rarely, I mean once every few years. Their aroma is the kind expected of the average Scurvy Cur who hasn't changed his underwear since he was five, and who's been stewing in salt water and sweat in the same set of clothes for over three years. 'Pungent' would be an Understatement. 'Putrid' Would be more accurate.
'Fucking crazy' would be a person who would actually want to smell like that.

Oh, and the real kicker is the fine print at the bottom of the can which says '100% Alcohol free'.
Would Jack Sparrow, a character who's most fondly remembered line is, 'But Why is the Rum Gone?', approve?
Quite clearly, Hell No.

Worth a laugh, though.

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