Monday, April 7, 2008

Out Of The Blue- Fashionable Ignorance

I have deviated from writing about Somaiya and it's Slip Ups on several past occasions. And I Intend to do so a lot more. Just for the hell of it, and don't give me that crap about false advertising unless you want some about freedom of speech. I will however, alert you by adding the phrase 'Out Of The Blue' in the title, to specify that it is a semi-meaningless post filled with crap collected from the seventh ring of Hell. Don't say I didn't warn you

I hate ass baring low rider jeans. With a vengeance.

I hate T shirts with moronic messages like 'Pull me out from the inside' or 'Free Hand lotion, pull below'.

I hate wannabes who take the time to adjust their (much hated) Low rider pants to let the fake brand name 'Jaakey' peek out.

It's about as smart as a Flashlight Shotgun And it makes me happy as a lark to be blissfully unaware about fashionable crap.

But, as a fashionably ignorant nerd, (and proud of it) there are a few things I wish were in fashion.

For instance, T shirts like the ones worn by this lady here.
(Watching 'A Good year' is very bearable when you have bits like this to encourage you)

Now, am I the only person who thinks that kicks ass? Low rider pants? Naah, do one step further and get Low rider, Off-shoulder T-shirts....I think Gucci actually makes em too!

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