Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SRK should be available in Liquid form...

...So that every man, woman and child can take an SRK injection. That way, he won't feel the need to plague our senses by parading on every channel on TV, and we might just end up watching something that doesn't contain him.

Sports Channels?- Ever since he bought himself an IPL team
Music Channels- He's come out with Cassettes and CD's of his IPL team's Theme song.
News Channels- When nothing even vaguely or remotely interesting has happened in the film industry. (i.e.- Every Other Day)
Entertainment channel- With his shameless rip off of the '5th Grader' game show genre.
Movie Channels- Do I even need to elaborate?

Of course, This does not include the several thousand times he appears on TV for Advertising and Endorsements.

It seems obvious that SRK has gained/invented/discovered the power of Omnipresence, much to the dismay of the entertainment starved populace.

Dear Mr. Khan....I just want to say, there are some things that Humans just weren't meant to have. And this is one thing YOU just aren't supposed to have. It's morally wrong, and as you know, it's illegal, what with the Laws of Physics and all.

Give it up, dude. Give it up.

1 comment:

taurius1 said...

SRK in a can?
sure, if i could flush him down.


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