Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Professors...Part one, of, I expect...several parts

On popular request, I've decided to do a small piece on my professors...unfortunately, for the sake of saving my ass, I won;t use their names, but I will talk about them in general (Each professor actually deserves a whole post to do justice to the crappy things they do, but anyway, here goes)

We have professors who-

-Tell us that it's a bad thing to go to the canteen, even between lectures, or after school hours, and if he finds students in the canteen, he asks them if they are 'Rich Boys'...XD

-Tell us it's OK to bunk his lecture because 'He has observed that people who bunk get higher marks in his subject than people who attend'

-Tell us (especially during the monsoon season) stuff like,' I don't feel like teaching today...the 'mood is not there'...Chalo, Shaayari Lagate hai...(you, know, urdu beat poetry...depressing topics, repetitive rhymes and a lot of people yelling 'Waah Waah')

-Start talking in Marathi and Gujarati without noticing it...

-Refers to his better half as his 'W-I-F-E', as if it's a swearword that can't be spoken out loud by decent folk (a lot like F-U-C-K)

-Refers to the Principal as 'Yeda' (Moron)

-Tell us that it's important to come for his lecture in 11th standard...after all, it's important to at least know what your Professor LOOKS 12th nobody attends anyway...

-Say things like...'Are you poor??? as if it's the most logical explanation for not wearing an ID card

-A male professor who, male classmates claim, takes Orals as an excuse to have guys sit next to him, so that he can feel their thighs when he's asking them questions (eew...haven't seen it first hand, and I thank goodness I haven't)

-A Prof who hears a ringing cell phone in the class, during an exam, yells at everyone asking 'Whose phone is that' for a while before realizing it's her own phone...

-A professor who asked random students to teach during his lecture, just so that they 'Realize what a tough job it is'

-A Professor who denounces Coaching clases vehemently in his lectures, but takes private tutions himself...

-A Prof who yells at us for reading the textbook while she's lecturing from it...her exact words were 'If you like to read textbook so much, you can do it all for self study!!!'
(Our reaction was- Okie dokie...not like you teach us much anyway)

-A big, bulky, tough looking male Prof. who caught students copying and told them, in a surprisingly girly voice that they could ''Come down, darlings, so we can meet 'Princy' "

To Be Continued...
Thats All for now...Comments are encouraged...

Sorry I didn't update for a exams were on...

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