Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Selecting A Layout

I've been looking through Pyzam for some really good Black-and-White Blogger templates, when I stumbled across the perfect one...

That, to me, looks like perfection dipped in perfection, fried in the essence of perfection and served with a side order of Awesome.

Unfortunately, It didn't work.

Halfheartedly, I slapped on a new template, one with Blue buildings and such like, as a temporary experimental attempt to improve my blog.

It looks like this, as of my posting this.

Aaand the other nominees are-

And I'm not sure which one to go with...


тнƨ [ƨcняɛι] said...

hey, i used in the air template once..:P and i think i'll go with-black and white^_^ looks awesome!^_^

Daone said...

The black and white is not bad. All of your other nominees suck except the palm print one- that's not so bad. The current one is decent too. But tell me, why do you need to stick with black and white ones? Experiment na.
And by the way, your 'perfection dipped in perfection...' sentence is awesome!

Arr0w said...

I like Black and White. From them everything originates, and to them everything will someday return.

Besides, it's in keeping with my Eco Friendly 'Blackle' style template. Black pages use less energy to display than white ones.

@Daone- The palm print one was my least favorite. There are like five of those, with a different motif but the same half assed font style.

I'm done changing, I'm sticking with this one.

And I just realized that all 3 comments on this post end with the word 'awesome'...

Anonymous said...

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