Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scooters, Vacation, Fall

Out of a strange coincidence, the stuff I'm about to blog about is also the stuff thats mentioned as the examples for post labels, at the bottom of every 'New Post' window.

Those of you who blog probably know what I'm talking about.

I'm going to go in Reverse order here, starting with-

In Mumbai, the Fall season is just that bit of time between The Monsoons and Winter, lasting anywhere from a week to a month, depending on our irregular weather patterns.

This year though, it was gloomy as hell. Dark clouds all the time, but no rain. Cloudy skies, humid air, and October heat coming a month early.Fall was pretty FAIL.

Good thing it's over, and I'm now in the winter of Assignments and Exams. All the things that make it good have been thrown to hell this year, what with exams 4 days before Christmas and 2 days after New Years.

What the Fuck, Mumbai University?

Anyway, switch Tags to Vacations-

I headed down to Pune recently.
Hung out for the Diwali weekend at my cousins house, which I haven't been to in 4 years.
Where I learnt to ride a motorbike.

(Okay, I didn't know how to ride one until recently. If you have something negative to say about that, Bite Me)

Since I was learning, (and I didn't have my licence right then) I rode at night.
Oh crap it's fun.
Especially in Pune, where the roads are in awesome shape. Like they've been through a complete Overhaul recently.

(Speaking of overhaul, I changed my Blogger template to an xml theme. Do post suggestions concerning the same)

Oh , and I'm kind of on vacation now, too.
No wait, this doesn't count, it's PL*. It's like Holidaying in Prypiat.

(*PL, for those lucky enough to lead lives so happy and fulfilling that they never had to hear this term, means 'Preparatory Leave'. As in, Holidays right before an exam.)

Strangely though, I feel an almost pathological need to post on my blog during high stress times such as this...

...And moving on to- Scooters

I'm buying one.
Well, not ME, my parents are.
And It's not really FOR ME either, it's just for general use.
It's an Access 125
One of these-

Happy though I am, I'm not too excited.
After all, I can just use it from time to time.

Plus, In the immortal words of my friend Divesh, it's not exactly awe inspiring.
As he says-
'Just try riding up to a pretty girl from class who's waiting at the bus stop and say "Hey there, need a ride?"

If you're sitting on say...a Yamaha R15, chances are higher that she'll jump right on.
But if you're on an Activa or something, it's just going to look pathetic'

I'm not inclined to agree with him, but he does make an excellent point.


S|H|R|E|Y|A said...

A strange thing to write about...interesting nevertheless...and yeah, the theme could be better =/


Dylan said...

The fuck.
I didn't know what PL means..? You know why..??


So you ARE better off in that area, pal.

Samadrita said...

Good to see you posting after a long times.I haven't been blogging much lately owing to downright laziness or maybe lack of inspiration.
I could do with a scooty myself.Atleast that way I would be able to give up on break journeying from home.And the weather here in Kolkata is really weird at the moment.A week back it was really cold and we were all like 'yay we're gonna have an early winter'.But suddenly it's all humid again and the weather dept says some depression over the Bay is the cause. -_-
I'm facing the prospect of exams too in December.But not much studying is coming out of this period anyway! :(

P.S:Old layout was better.

Arr0w said...

@Dylan- Well, even though I have holidays, I can't seem to get anything done. I just dunno where to start.

I haven't been blogging much either. My inspiration level has been at 0 lately. Thats why I'm blogging such strange stuff.I actually considered writing an emo poem or something (Those things are on soo many blogs, it feels like I'm the only one who hasn't tried it)
Fortunately, good sense prevailed.

Also, during exams, I post more than ever. I seriously can't explain that.

@The layout comments
Aw man. It was quite a runaround to find a layout that seemed nice.

Anyone has suggestions for places where I can get good ones?

And Sam- when you meant the old one, did you mean the black or the blue version?

Daone said...

I bite you!

S|H|R|E|Y|A said...
amazing layouts!! but their non-blogger templates, and so you have to keep updating your gadgets as and when you change the layout/template...

Samadrita said... love this site..kinda girly templates though >_>)

These should help you out.Also try pyzam like Shreya above me mentioned but the backgrounds are kind of transparent there.

And by old layout I meant the black one.

Selenium said...

At least you have a better scooter than me -__-

*sulks over a 10 year old Bajaj Chetak*


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