Thursday, October 30, 2008


P.P. is holding a reunion next week, for the class of 2007. Those of you who were paying attention may remember that the official reunion was around 6 months ago. But that one was panned by critics for it's low entertainment value and large unruly crowds, so this one is for our batch only. Which is around 160 people, but it's not like everyone's coming, right?

I'm actually wondering if I should go (Yes, 'should' because I don't really have classes then, I lied so you'd quit pestering me, okay, XYZ?)because last time was a real disaster.

Imagine a guy at a party who doesn't know anyone there, and after a few failed attempts at making conversation, he ends up playing on his cell phone, in a corner, wondering whether staying home and watering the plants would make for a more entertaining evening. That guy was me.

Not that I didn't know anybody, technically. But I'm so out of touch, they may have well been strangers, and as anyone who's tried knows, Trying to talk to strangers is tough (let's not forget, your momma told you not to)

And at a moment like this that it hits me once more, how strange it is that It's so easy to give your opinion to the entire world online, but so hard to talk to just one guy you haven't seen for a few months...


The Shmoo said...

I never attend these reunions. Stupid ol' basket cases, all over again. NO THANK YOU!

Why don't you take someone along this time?

Himura Kenshin said...

i am going too... i too have not interacted with any one since march...2006!!
but you told me that you will be coming...


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