Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Profanity is Good for you-Warning Explicit Lyrics

I'm not kidding with the title, this is a load of profanity...if you are a kid, get the Fu*k away from this post...

Ever felt REALLY pissed off at someone?
Like you could smash his/her face on the wall and paint the ceiling with his/her brains??
Well YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Dozens of people wish to perform wanton crazy acts of violence when they're just plain Angry, but the trick is knowing how to deal with it, and NOT ending up doing 6 years jail time for Assault-Battery...
Which is an acceptable time for you to Curse...to Abuse, to Cuss like a Sailor, so to speak...

Which actually helps you blow off steam and cool down...

So, Bitch, before you ask me why I abuse so much, answer me one fuckin question,

Would you rather I kick you so hard my foot gets stuck in your ass???

As you can see, I am pissed off at the moment, but the reason you do not see my face on the evening news is that I found an old song that helps me relax...lyrics here...

"Hot Dog"

Ladies and gentlemen!
Introducing the Chocolate Starfish!
and the Hotdog Flavored Water
Bring it on!
Get the fuck up!
Check, one, two

Listen up, listen up!
Here we go
It's a fucked up world
A fucked up place
Everybody's judged by their fucked up face
Fucked up dreams
Fucked up life
A fucked up kid
With a fucked up knife
Fucked up moms
And fucked up dads
It's a fucked up a cop
With a fucked up badge
Fucked up job
With fucked up pay
And a fucked up boss
Is a fucked up pain
Fucked up press
And fucked up lies
Well, Lethal's in the back
With the fact of the fires

Hey, it's on
Everybody knows it's on
Hey, it's on
Everybody knows it's on

Ain't it a shame that you can't say "Fuck"
Fuck's just a word
And it's all fucked up
Like a fucked up punk
With a fucked up mouth
A nine inch nail
I'll get knocked the fuck out
Fucked up aids
From fucked up sex
Fake ass titties
On a fucked up chest
We're all fucked up
So whatcha wanna do?
We fucked up me
And fucked up you

You wanna fuck me like an animal
You'd like to burn me on the inside
You like to think that I'm a perfect drug
Just know that nothing you do
Will bring you closer to me

Ain't life a bitch?
A fucked up bitch
A fucked up sore with a fucked up stitch
A fucked up head
Is a fucked up shame
Swinging on my nuts
Is a fucked up game
Jealousy filling up a fucked up mind
It's real fucked up
Like a fucked up crime
If I say "Fuck", two more times
That's forty six "Fucks" in this fucked up rhyme

Ahh...yess...I feel so much better...till next time then...

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