Thursday, February 25, 2010

Epic Comeback...

Kirk, a friend of mine, wears glasses.
Kirk, this aforementioned friend of mine, also plays football.

For fear of breaking his specs, he never does the above 2 activities at the same time.

Kirk, the friend of mine who I mentioned twice before, is also a very valuable player.
As a result, hecklers in the audience from the opposing team's side never miss a chance to try and pick on him.

I narrate on such incident.

Kirk (a friend of mine) walked on to the pitch for a Comps vs. EXTC inter-class football match, all limbering up, warming up, and basically getting ready to kick balls in goals and such-like.

A voice from the far end of the ground rang out, yelling
"Hey Kirk, you blind bastard, whaddya doin out there, huh? Can you even see without specs?Temme...How many fingers am I holding up?"

he then extended his hand like so-

Kirk's reply was swift, silent, concise, and effective.


Selenium said...

About this post I have just four words to express myself - "That's the F####### spirit man!" :D

( The fifth word was an explicative abuse... not a word...)

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Hey good one....was fun to read

The Laughing Man said...

Reminded me of the time when I gave the finger to this one jackass who was teasing me about my glasses (when I had got them initially) and I had been the one to ask him how many fingers I was holding up....


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