Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Survival Facts for you n00bs!

Just in case you FYJC students googled the name of your college, on a whim, and ended up on this site, here's some vital information to help you through your 2 year ordeal to come...

In other words, Suffer well, you S.O.B...

Facts about Somaiya

1)Being seen Wearing an SK ID card is about the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a person

2)It takes longer to get a new I.D. card than to complete a two year Junior college course

3)All requests have to be sent in writing to the office so that they can be filed, then misplaced, then forgotten, then sold off, then remembered, then recovered and finally buried underground behind the library for six years before any action is taken.

4)Painting is undertaken (without any exaggeration) once every twenty-Five years

5)The colour of the outside building was a dark red colour once upon a would never have guessed that with all the bleaching and the chuna that they apply, would you?

6)There are people in commerce and arts who don't even know what their college looks like.

7)Male Students wearing three-fourth pants are taken to task for 'Gross Indecency'

8)You can find half the answers of your exams written on the walls near you.

9)If you are caught by the principal without wearing an I.D you may be asked 'If you are the poor'

10)The most deadly variety of student here are the Vinay Mandir students-They move in groups and attack in packs, so stay clear and avoid eye contact...

1 comment:

Abhisheq =] said...

Haha. Sounds like you have been the poor a lot!
Seriously, my college sucks more than yours. Even though it doesn't mind gross indecency.[I go to college in shorts everyday]
But I guess thats just because probably my leg-hair improves the aesthetics of my wonderfully-ugly college.=]


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